The Darkness in Dreams Preorder for March 30, 2018

I’m very excited to announce the release date for The Darkness in Dreams – March 30, 2018. I’m offering a special preorder price of $0.99 and it includes the first chapter of the second book in the Enforcer’s Legacy Series – The Fire in Vengeance.  The price will be $2.99 after the release date and it will be free in Kindle Unlimited.

I’m so excited about this series and the entire process — from writing, to editing, to getting the perfect cover — was such fun!  The first three books are Christan and Lexi’s trilogy, and book four is Arsen’s story, but there is a continuing story line that continues throughout the series.



How do you search for a single person? And find them lifetime after lifetime? How do you repair the wreckage that has become your life? How do you do it when one of you is immortal? When love has no rules?

“There were some tragedies that never should have happened, but did. Agreements made for good reasons with devastating results.”

It was the big lie, that Galaxy North could protect herself. She was beautiful, successful, living in a small town on the Oregon coast. Her life might be lonely, but it was safe. And then the dreams began, the sound of a voice, a tender male touch filled with exquisite connection. The explanation was impossible, that the dreams were fragments of her past lives. Lexi refuses to believe—until she’s forced into a confrontation with the dangerous lover who knows too much and hasn’t forgiven her for the past.

Christan was immortal, an Enforcer, created for a single purpose–and morality was not his problem. He was ruled by the Calata of Six, although once there had been seven, and that had not been his problem, either. He was the cold wind before the warm rush, the terror in the night. The origin myth for the most terrifying creature in the ancient world. He was beyond redemption and he didn’t care. But she, she changed him, rescued him. Taught him how to be more. How to feel. How to love. In that first life, in the lifetimes after, until all she had left to teach him was hate.

Christan has sworn that he will ever need her again—but then he’s forced from his exile to confront the rising danger from a common enemy. Christan must face the woman who has always been half of his soul. Lexi must accept the impossible, embrace who she really is, and finally reclaim the love she has been finding and losing in endless lifetimes.

The Darkness in Dreams is the first in a sizzling new paranormal series filled with action-filled romance and intrigue. While it is a stand-alone story, it is also the first in Christan’s Trilogy and the introduction to the Enforcer’s Legacy series, stories filled with past lives, forgotten love, and immortal warriors. A Calata Novel. Adult language and sensuality.

Editorial comments
“You are a talented writer, and you have so many genuinely fresh and original ideas. This was an absolute pleasure to work on.” ~ Melissa F, developmental editor

“My favorite thing about the plot (The Darkness in Dreams) was seeing the past lifetimes and how they influenced the characters in the present. I honestly loved the entire plot and premise. It has such potential to turn into an amazing series.” ~ Paige K. beta reader.

“She (Lexi) reminds me a lot of myself. It’s a great thing for a story, but it can be scary to be reminded of your own flaws by a work of fiction. I still love the book, though. I wouldn’t change anything about the heroine in the story!… Brittany W, beta reader.

“The whole premise and foundation of the story is great and has incredible potential to be amazing.” ~Kristen J, beta reader.





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Sue Wilder lives in the Pacific Northwest. She first discovered the power of story as a child living in California, when she was caught starting a grapefruit war in a neighboring orchard. Through an imaginative explanation, she managed to absolve all her cohorts from guilt, and has since moderated her behavior. She now writes romantic paranormal fiction for a more mature adult audience.

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