How do you search for a single person… and find them lifetime after lifetime?
Past lives she can’t remember. And ancient war that never ends. A love that has lasted for centuries…There were some tragedies that never should have happened but did.
Galaxy North is beautiful, successful, and living in a small town on the Oregon Coast. She has what everyone wants – freedom, with no socks to pick up. And then the dreams begin, with an explanation that seems impossible. Lexi refuses to believe…until she’s forced to confront the dangerous lover who knows too much and hasn’t forgiven her for the past.
Christan is immortal. An enforcer, possessing such consummate power even the mention of his name evokes respect and fear. And he remembers every sin, every moment of passion in that first life, in all the lifetimes after…
Sue Wilder blends “genuinely fresh and original ideas” (Melissa Frain) into this paranormal romance filled with ancient magic and immortal shapeshifters, producing “an enthralling tale…fast-paced, and her enforcers are grand fun to watch. Highly recommended.” (Reader’s Favorite)
The Darkness in Dreams is the first book in an all new contemporary fantasy series by Sue Wilder. Filled with modern suspense and ancient myth, immortal shapeshifters and powerful enforcers, this is a love story that has lasted centuries.
And a vengeance that has lasted even longer.

The Darkness in Dreams is the first in a sizzling new paranormal series filled with action-filled romance and intrigue. While it is a stand-alone story, it is also the first in Christan’s Trilogy and the introduction to the Enforcer’s Legacy series, stories filled with past lives, forgotten love, and immortal warriors. A Calata Novel. Adult language and sensuality.

Editorial comments
“You are a talented writer, and you have so many genuinely fresh and original ideas. This was an absolute pleasure to work on.” ~ Melissa F, developmental editor

“My favorite thing about the plot (The Darkness in Dreams) was seeing the past lifetimes and how they influenced the characters in the present. I honestly loved the entire plot and premise. It has such potential to turn into an amazing series.” ~ Paige K. beta reader.

“She (Lexi) reminds me a lot of myself. It’s a great thing for a story, but it can be scary to be reminded of your own flaws by a work of fiction. I still love the book, though. I wouldn’t change anything about the heroine in the story!… Brittany W, beta reader.

“The whole premise and foundation of the story is great and has incredible potential to be amazing.” ~Kristen J, beta reader.





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Sue Wilder lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a yellow lab puppy named Max, and she enjoys good wine, listening to old sappy jazz and watching sunsets. A few years ago, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Oregon State University and now writes contemporary and paranormal romances.

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