A love story that has no rules. Ancient magic in a blood bond. A mythic terror invited back into the world.

THE FIRE IN VENGEANCE — book two in the Enforcer’s Legacy Series — is releasing FRIDAY JUNE 1, 2018, and to celebrate, the first book in the series (and book one in Christan and Lexi’s trilogy) THE DARKNESS IN DREAMS will be offered FREE on Amazon Kindle May 25 – May 29.

preorder THE FIRE IN VENGEANCE now so you won’t miss out. And if you haven’t read THE DARKNESS IN DREAMS this is the perfect moment to try it out free.

4.45 average ratings on Goodreads! (and if you’ve read The Darkness in Dreams, please leave your unbiased review on Amazon)

Here are a few of the reviews:

“Enforcers Legacy will be a really great series if the books keep going in the same direction as this first. Some of the Enforcers bound themselves to humans. The Enforcers are immortals, but their human lover dies, and they have to find them when the human lovers are reincarnated from life to life. I can’t wait to see how Christian tells Lexi that she too is now immortal after a blood bond Lexi had done to save Christian”

“This isn’t the typical genre I an used to. However, I really enjoyed this one. Sue Wilder is a great writer and I am looking forward to what is to come from her.”

“I am totally hooked…”

“It was great!”


The Fire in Vengeance

“If I told you why I did it… what would you say? That I was a monster, driven by my grief? That all I wanted was vengeance?

There are times I would say you were right.

I misused the magic.

And now I can’t take it back…”

Secrets have been hidden in a past life, putting Lexi in danger, and Christan—the immortal enforcer, the origin myth for the most feared creature in the ancient world, the man who loves her—must face what he can’t control in order to protect her.

The action-filled paranormal love story described as “enthralling” began with The Darkness in Dreams. The story continues. Lexi struggles with the reality—she is immortal, but her human vulnerabilities put her in danger. Christan now possesses a power he should not have. And the Calata is not pleased.

When a girl is murdered, Christan and Lexi are forced to return to Florence, where old enemies await and the Calata war erupts in a crimson mist.  A past life must be remembered, clues hidden for centuries unearthed, while an ancient magic threatens to unleash the Fire in Vengeance to sweep across the land…

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Sue Wilder lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a yellow lab puppy named Max, and she enjoys good wine, listening to old sappy jazz and watching sunsets. A few years ago, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Oregon State University and now writes contemporary and paranormal romances.

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