The Cover Reveal for Arsen’s Story…The Tears in Midnight.  Release date: early 2019

In every lifetime, magic has pushed a wedge between Katerina and her immortal lover, Arsen. Will this be the lifetime when they’re able to break that cycle and find the love they’ve been losing, lifetime after lifetime?

Or will it be the life when they finally say good-bye?

The Tears In Midnight - Ebook Small (002)


The thing about dreams, Katerina thought, was that once you woke up, you realized they weren’t real. Not the pounding of your heart. Not the terror. The struggle to breathe.

She dreamed—most people did. Some dreams she remembered. Others were gone before her eyes were open. Someone told her once to keep a notebook by her bed and write it all down, but the images faded before she found the pen.

Those were the easy dreams. The normal dreams.

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Sue Wilder lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a yellow lab puppy named Max, and she enjoys good wine, listening to old sappy jazz and watching sunsets. A few years ago, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from Oregon State University and now writes contemporary and paranormal romances.

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