Release Date Jan 31, 2019 for The Tears in Midnight


The Tears in Midnight releases on January 31, 2019.

Pre-book your copy HERE to read Arsen’s story.



An immortal lover who found her, lifetime after lifetime. Memories of those lives, filled with confusion and pain—who could love with a past like that?


Katerina was the girl who ran. She ran from her dreams, from her past lives and the magic. But she was also running from herself, from what she wanted… ached for… the man who’d been a part of her for longer than she could remember.

Until she remembered hope and how it died.

Arsen still wanted her. Knew better. He’d known for centuries. They had a past together—several past lives that ended when she ran. When he let her go. She was angry and he understood, because it was damn hard, living with an immortal man. Damn hard, loving a human girl.

But now she was on the Greek island where they’d shared their first life. She was slipping back into that past life, reliving it, not just dreaming it, and each time she returned to this life, she was standing on the edge of the same cliff, high above the churning sea. The cliff they once loved before the tragedy.

There had to be a reason why she returned to that cliff. And maybe not everything in those past lives had been left behind.

Because everything was connected. Everything.

Including the enemy.

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Sue Wilder lives in the Pacific Northwest. She first discovered the power of story as a child living in California, when she was caught starting a grapefruit war in a neighboring orchard. Through an imaginative explanation, she managed to absolve all her cohorts from guilt, and has since moderated her behavior. She now writes for a more mature adult audience.

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