Enchanting.  Sizzling.  A blend of Paranormal Romantic Suspense, two lost souls — a woman fiercely independent, an alpha male possessing dark power, and an epic story of forbidden love.

Enter a world of immortal warriors and the women who love them. A story of lovers who come together lifetime after lifetime, tied through ancient magic.  They must face each other before facing an enemy they can’t avoid.

THE DARKNESS IN DREAMS  – Calata Series, Book One. Release date March, 30, 2018

THE FIRE IN VENGEANCE – Calata Series,  Book Two.  Release date June 1, 2018

THE DANGER IN JUSTICE – Calata Series, Book Three.  Release date 2018

“My favorite thing about the plot (The Darkness in Dreams) was seeing the past lifetimes and how they influenced the characters in the present.  I honestly loved the entire plot and premise.  It has such potential to turn into an amazing series.”  ~ Paige K.  beta reader.

“She (Lexi) reminds me a lot of myself.  It’s a great thing for a story, but it can be scary to be reminded of your own flaws by a work of fiction.  I still love the book, though.  I wouldn’t change anything about the heroine in the story!… Brittany W, beta reader.

“The whole premise and foundation of the story is great and has incredible potential to be amazing.”   ~Kristen J, beta reader.

I can’t thank my beta readers from Romance Refined enough! And my thanks to Rachel Daven Skinner for connecting me with these readers.”

Sue Wilder is the pen name for an author living in the Pacific Northwest. She first discovered the power of story as a child living in California, when she was caught starting a grapefruit war in a neighboring orchard. She managed to absolve all her cohorts from guilt, and has since moderated her behavior. She now writes romantic paranormal fiction for a more mature adult audience, bringing to life the characters who intrigue her.

She is currently working on the Calata Series, due out in e-book format in 2018.