The Calata Series – Enforcer’s Legacy

Thousands of years ago an ancient race discovered this planet and settled in, dividing the territories and manipulating the human populations. They were extremely long-lived. In fact, they believed they were immortal. Then an unexpected murder occurred, and in a rush for self-protection, something new was created: men who looked human but weren’t. They were shapeshifters, lethal and effective, with human emotions and immortal capabilities.

They were called warriors, and the most powerful were the enforcers.

The human populations thought them creatures of myth, and like most myths there was a tragic element. Some warriors fell in love with human girls and they became more human. They questioned, thought about right and wrong, began to challenge the six ruling immortals known as the Calata.

Conflict erupted, as conflict usually does, and as part of an Agreement to prevent war these immortal warriors asked for their human lovers to be made immortal. Since the magic was beyond the abilities of the alchemists, reincarnation was offered as a solution. The natural process could be manipulated. Ancient magic would allow the lovers to reunite in each recurring human lifetime-now known in human populations as “past lives.”

It hasn’t worked out as expected.