The Calata Series – Enforcer’s Legacy


Enter a world of immortal warriors and the women who love them, an exciting, sizzling blend of Paranormal Romance and Action Thriller. A story of lovers who come together lifetime after lifetime, tied through ancient magic.  They must face each other before facing an enemy they can’t avoid.

How do you search for a single person?  And find them lifetime after lifetime?

How do you repair the wreckage that has become your life?

How do you do it when one of you is immortal?

“Immortal beings living in plain sight, warriors who can transform into whatever creature they want, and relationships that play out again and again?  Of course it’s insane without proof.”

Lexi must accept the impossible, embrace who she really is, and finally reclaim the love she has been finding and losing in endless lifetimes.

Christan must learn once again how to be human, and discover the gift of redemption when he accepts the past.

Together — human and immortal warrior — they must face a greater evil than either of them expected.