The Darkness in Dreams

For years, Lexi has suffered from debilitating dreams, but she refuses to believe they reflect past lives — until her therapist orchestrates an abduction and she confronts a dangerous lover who knows too much and hasn’t forgiven her for the past.

Christan has sworn there is no way he will ever need her again — but he’s forced back to confront the rising danger from their common enemy.  Danger that could cost Lexi her life once again, with no way to stop it.

Lexi must accept the impossible, embrace who she really is, and finally reclaim the love she has been finding and losing in endless lifetimes.

Christan must learn once again how to be human, and discover redemption is a gift he will only find when he accepts the past.

Together — human and immortal warrior — they must face a greater evil than either of them expected.

The Darkness in Dreams is the first book in Calata Series.

Enchanting.  Sizzling.  A blend of Paranormal Romantic Suspense, two lost souls — a woman fiercely independent, an alpha male possessing dark power and an epic love story of forbidden love.

coming early 2018

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