Professional Recommendations

Editing Services: Anne at Victory Editing.

Anne has a great team and I’ve always been pleased with their service and insight. I highly recommend the Oops report. Excellent. FIVE STARS

Beta Readers: Rachel at Romance Refined.

The beta reader reports were above expectations. Rachel Davin Skinner also offers a full range of editing services. Excellent. FIVE STARS

Cover Designers: Stefanie at Beetiful Book Covers.

Romance Covers: Stefanie was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her design services. Excellent. FIVE STARS.

Cover Designers: Damonza

Paranormal Covers: Damonza produces excellent custom covers. I have been consistently happy with the Enforcer’s Legacy Series. Excellent concept for my Enforcers. FIVE STARS.

Cover Designers: The Cover Collection

Paranormal and Romance Covers: 25 years of design experience, and it shows. Easy to work with and excellent selection premium book covers. Excellent. FIVE STARS.

Cover Designers: Adrijus at Rocking Book Covers

Romance Covers: Adrijus was very responsive and his design was beautiful. Excellent. FIVE STARS.