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‘It’s a form of deep meditation that opens a pathway to the subconscious’
 Top Contributor: Children’s Books HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER on September 3, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

Pacific Northwest author Sue Wilder writes contemporary romance with a paranormal twist. She knows how to handle passionate encounters in the moment and enhances that ability with creating her concept of past loves in past lives with a keen since of credibility.

She opens her story in a place she knows well – Seattle, Washington and the quality of her prose is immediately evident – ‘The office was quiet and pristine and more fortified than it looked. There was a file, left unopened and sitting on the desk. Beside it were the photographs, stacked in a precarious cairn—or perhaps a warning flag in black and white. But if it was a warning, then the warning would be ignored since one did not make threats and certainly not to this woman. She lived in a world filled with power. A world of myth and legend. And the legend was enough. Phillipe understood this, of course. Tall and dressed in a dark suit and white shirt, he sat in a chair that was as uncomfortable as it looked. Red suspenders marked him as an academic but that wasn’t what he was, and the woman watched as he crossed one knee over the other, made a show of straightening the crease in his suit pants. Strangers took Phillipe at face value while those who knew him did not; on the surface he seemed quite ordinary, but his mind was lethal, as was the rest of him, which was why the woman trusted him implicitly. As for the woman, no one trusted her. At best they offered respect, at worst it was fear, and fear was what she cultivated. Her voice, when she spoke, traced back to France, or Italy, or even Russia since no one could identify the accent. She was tall and elegant and considered beautiful by some—but she was not human. Her hair was too blond, her eyes too silver, and for these reasons she’d been Ais to the Etruscans, Theos in ancient Greece. Rome once called her one of the Ten Great Gods but they were mistaken—she was not a god. She was part of an immortal race, a member of the ruling Calata, which meant the invasion, named by an early culture with no other way to describe them. The name stuck, as did the meaning, and throughout their long existence only seven had managed to rule. Now there were six. Their names were in the ancient form with no equivalent in the human language. For expediency’s sake they used numbers. She was Three. Her enemy was known as Six.’

With the necessary elements of the story’s history in place it is comfortable to explore the synopsis – ‘What kind of man loves…for centuries? In a world where immortals rule behind the scenes and human lives are manipulated, love comes at a cost. Galaxy North is beautiful, successful, and she has what a lot of people want: freedom, with no socks to pick up. She lives in a small town on the Oregon coast, and if her life is lonely, she likes it that way. Until the dreams begin. Lexi doesn’t believe in past lives until she meets a man who knows too much and hasn’t forgiven her for the past. A man she recognizes…from her dreams. Christan is immortal, an enforcer with such consummate power even the mention of his name evokes respect and fear. He has loved–and lost–Lexi for centuries, and he remembers every sin, every moment of heat and passion they ever shared–in that first life, and in the lifetimes after. But an old enemy has returned. Christan must face magic he can’t control, while Lexi must remember the man who has held her heart for centuries. “You’ve spent lifetimes with him… aren’t you even curious?”

Very unique concept for a romance that Sue uses very well. This is Book 1 of the calata Novels- Enforcer’s Legacy. It is an enticing appetizer to follow this imaginative author’s works. Grady Harp, September 18
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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

SUE WILDER’S  paranormal shifter romance novel, THE DARKNESS IN DREAMS, is an enthralling tale about a godlike cabal of beings, the enforcers they created to enforce their territorial rights,and those human women who became their beloveds. Wilder posits an interesting correlation between the immortal enforcers and their human mates who are reborn with their memories buried deeply within their consciousness. Lexi and her therapist, Marge, are two such reincarnated mates, but here the similarity ends as Marge ‘s Robbie is quite a different proposition than Lexi’s Christan, whose service to Three meant endless desertions of his human mate throughout her past lives. Will the two ever be able to get past their history of betrays and disappointments? Will Christan be able to keep the independent Lexi safely out of the hands of Kace and stop his predation of the girls? Wilder’s story is fast-paced, and her shifter-enforcers are grand fun to watch. THE DARKNESS IN DREAMS is highly recommended. FIVE STARS. ~ Readers’ Favorite


Reviewed by K. J.Simmill for Readers’ Favorite

THE FIRE IN VENGEANCE is a paranormal romance and book two in SUE WILDER’S Enforcer’s Legacy series. While there are times it is clear that I was reading the second book in the series, the things not explained or clarified in no way hinder the reader’s ability to enjoy the story even if they haven’t picked up the first book. It is written with an elegant prose, where vivid descriptions and engaging dialogue perfectly complement a cast of unique and exciting characters who drive the captivating plot onward. When you pick up this gook, you’re picking up not only a paranormal romance, but a gripping tale of past lives, looming threats, sinister happenings, manipulation, danger, regret, and increasing stakes. it is hard not to be drawn to the characters, and harder still to put the book down.  FIVE STARS. ~ Readers’ Favorite


Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

The Danger in Justice: A Calata Novel (Enforcers’ Legacy Book 3) by Sue Wilder is an exciting new science fiction novel built on one of my favorite tropes. What’s not to love about immortal aliens that look human and have special powers? I get dizzy thinking of how and when they might have affected human history. I wonder which great historical characters might have been one of them. More importantly, I wonder what they are doing now, and what they could want. These are only some of the questions posed and answered when you read The Danger in Justice. Sue Wilder’s book is full of possibilities, action, internecine warfare, and fun. I loved it. This is a world I could really throw myself into. A world so much more intense than everyday life.

Honestly, I loved everything about this book. I haven’t had so much fun reading a book like this since I first picked up I am Number Four. The plot is complex and weaves throughout human history. The locations and setting can be exotic and are described very well. The writing is great and moves the plot along at a crisp pace. But it is the characters that really make this story great in my opinion. I don’t know. Maybe I have a thing for aliens with names so unpronounceable that they are simply known as one, three, six, etc. I also have a thing for overpowering people. I’m pretty sure that’s from growing up reading comics. But trust me. The Danger in Justice is way better than any comic or comic book movie. FIVE STARS ~ Readers’ Favorite