About Me

Sue Wilder writes contemporary and paranormal romances “worth the read.” ~Kirkus Reviews for “The Tears in Midnight.” She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a yellow lab puppy who chews on her chair. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, and is known to enjoy good wine, listening to old sappy jazz and watching sunsets.

My pergola, where I often sit with a glass of wine, my notebook and think about the next complication in the plot.

I write. Some days, the delete key loves me. I’ve had to replace keyboards because I wore down the “T” and the “S”. Those keys are far enough apart; it doesn’t matter if they go missing, other than it’s annoying to realize how many words use those letters. I may have to change some habitual words. But when the “T” and the “R” both go missing we go directly to Best Buy. I need to be able to tell those keys apart. I mean, “rhe” doesn’t have the same oomph as “the” and I do need that word.

Did I tell you? I write paranormal romances, although strictly speaking, they are romance paranormals which sounds too awkward to use, but you get my meaning. More romance. Fewer para’s and no vampires. After Twilight, there wasn’t much left to write about, plus Vampires were never my thing unless we count Anne Rice.

So… I write. And I like to write the kind of books I like to read. I hope you like reading them.