About Me

Hi, I’m Sue Wilder and I write for love, for fun, and of course for you.

And for my daughters.

I love paranormal romance but my heroes are the kind of guys you might meet on the street and think, humm… now, this is interesting.

No vampires–I’ll tell you up front. I do have action and all those past lives getting in the way. Oh, that would be one of my favorite story lines. The idea of past lives, what would happen if you fell in love with an immortal man, and he kept finding you, lifetime after lifetime. Whether you’d like that whole idea of coming back in a new lifetime to try to get it right…

Or not…

I also write contemporary romances, so I’ll keep you posted on those.

And I really appreciate that you’re here, reading this. I hope you’ll check out the posts and the review pages, and easy links on the buy my books to shoot you right to Amazon.


My pergola, where I often sit with a glass of wine, my notebook and think about the next complication in the plot.