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The Darkness in Dreams (Enforcer's Legacy, #1)


“What kind of man loves…for centuries?”

Galaxy North is beautiful, successful, and she has what a lot of people want: freedom, with no socks to pick up. She lives in a small town on the Oregon coast, owns a successful business, and if her life is lonely, she likes it that way. She thinks of herself as normal, other than the pre-cognition—an ability to read the auras left in the landscape from trauma or deep passion. When the dreams begin, Lexi realizes her life isn’t her own, that she might have experienced several lifetimes, caught in a trap of loving the same immortal man.

And yet, Lexi refuses to believe—until she’s confronted by the dangerous lover who knows too much and hasn’t forgiven her for the past.

Christan is immortal. An Enforcer, possessing such consummate power even the mention of his name evokes respect and fear. His world was violent, empty, until he bonded to a mortal woman to save her life. Christan has loved her—and lost her—for centuries. Exiled for over 400 years, he’s called back into a world he left behind because an ancient enemy wants to destroy her.

But he doesn’t want to be here. He definitely doesn’t want to see her. Because he remembers every sin, every moment of heat and passion they shared—in that first life, and in the lifetimes after.

Christan has sworn he’ll never need her again. Lexi finds his remoteness alarming, but not as alarming as her reaction to his touch and the memories of what they once had together. With each encounter, this dangerous Enforcer stirs the secrets that refuse to stay hidden and the confessions that could tear them apart.

Eventually, Christan must face what he can’t control.

And Lexi must remember the past or risk losing the future with the man who had held her heart for centuries.

“You’ve spent lifetimes with him… aren’t you even curious?”

What readers are saying:

“I love this author.” … “I am totally hooked” … “I loved your books I could not put them down.” … “Loved the first 2 books in this series!” … “I love this kind of fantasy story. Written well so you think maybe this could be real, but you know it isn’t. Had me thinking about who is really in control of my life. I recommend this book to fantasy buffs.” … “Now I’m hooked on the characters. Enforcers Legacy will be a really great series if the books keep going in the same direction as this first.” … “I really enjoyed this one. Sue Wilder is a great writer and I am looking forward to what is to come from her.”

“I LOVED it! Terrific book…can’t wait for the next book.”



What kind of man … loves with no rules?

Lexi thought she was saving his life. What she did was worse. Past lives must be remembered, and she’s trapped between protecting herself and fighting for her friends. And she must fight for Christan when he tells her what that blood bond really does…and it’s far more dangerous than becoming immortal.

He is the immortal enforcer against whom all others were judged. She is his other half. They are bound by a bond made in blood and an ancient magic has been aroused. Now they are, perhaps, both damned.

Lexi thought she was saving his life. What she did was worse. Christan’s immortal liege wanted a weapon who could be terrifying, and she used Lexi to do it. Always a powerful shapeshifter, Christan is morphing into an even greater danger while Lexi has become a something that shouldn’t exist—a mortal who has received immortality.

Now she wants to defend herself—and Christan–without realizing the strength of Christan’s power that now runs through her veins. She confronts a dangerous immortal and not even her friends can protect her. Christan has a true warrior ethic and he’s desperate to send Lexi far away. But fate intervenes. Lexi finds herself on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean facing a man who wants to dig the memories of her past life from her mind.

She is trapped between protecting herself and protecting an ancient secret that must never come to light. She fights for her friends, against her enemies. And she must fight for Christan when he tells her what that blood bond really does…and it’s far more dangerous than becoming immortal.

“If I told you why I did it… what would you say? That I was a monster, driven by my grief? That all I wanted was vengeance?” the woman asked. “There are times I would say you were right. I misused the magic. And now I can’t take it back…”

“Do you know what it’s called?” the man asked from the shadows.

“Inferno, canto.”

Hell, singing.

THE FIRE IN VENGEANCE continues Sue Wilder’s paranormal shifter romance series that has been described as “an enthralling tale…fast paced…”(Reader’s Advantage), with so many “genuinely fresh and original ideas” (M.F. developmental editor).




The Danger in Justice - Ebook Small (002)

What kind of man loves… beyond vengeance?
He knows how far he will go to save her. But how far will she go… to save him?
Christan was the origin myth for the most feared creature in the ancient world, an enforcer and shapeshifter to whom all others were compared, living in a world of violence until he bonded to a mortal woman to save her life. He has loved—and lost her—for centuries. Now that bond has invited an evil into the world, a dangerous power that returns to the immortal world whenever chaos threatens. If Christan becomes Vengeance, Lexi—as Justice—will be at his side.
Lexi has realized more than the immortal world is at risk. The man she loves is willing to sacrifice his life to save hers—unless she can solve an ancient murder and defeat those who want to destroy Christan. But the dangers are greater than even she imagined.
An ancient atrocity is recreated and Lexi must make the most devastating choice in her life. Not only must she defeat the enemies who want to destroy all the immortal enforcers, she must hold tight to her love for Christan, no matter what the cost, since neither of them can run from the ancient magic that has been unleashed.
Because there’s a danger in justice that can destroy them all…
“It takes a strong love to exist over centuries, to gather two people up and carry them home. Treasure what you have.”
“I write about love, about the struggle for love, because love is worth that struggle. My stories are paranormal fantasy, always have a happy ending and are written for readers who don’t mind a bit of sensuality in their romances.”