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My name is Sue Wilder.

I write.


Some days, I’m so deep into the story, I forget to cook dinner. Fortunately, my husband knows how to make more than a standard hamburger. But I love it when the ideas flow.

There are other days, though, when the delete key loves me. And days when I’ve had to replace keyboards because I wore down the “T” and the “S”. Those keys are far enough apart that it doesn’t matter if they go missing. Other than it’s annoying to realize how many words use those letters.

But when the “T” and the “R” both go missing, we go directly to Best Buy. I need to tell those keys apart. I mean, “rhe” doesn’t have the same oomph as “the,” and I need that word.

Did I tell you? I write romances. They’re hard to categorize, a mix of romance, thrills, paranormal activities and a lot of past lives. I could call the Calata Books romance paranormals, which sounds too awkward to use, but you get my meaning. More romance. Fewer para’s.

My other romances are contemporary. The With Me series is also a mix of romance, adventure, angst, great characters. They are sexy and funny and the OMG moments, as one reader explained it. Another reader gave me the greatest compliment:

I read a lot of books but sometimes one just grabs you and holds on. This is one of those great stories. One you want to read again. Loved it. Amazon review for Risk

So… I write. I like to write books I like to read. I hope you like reading them too.

Thanks so much for visiting. Please wander around the site!

~Sue Wilder






Thousands of years ago an ancient race discovered this planet and settled in, dividing the territories and manipulating the human populations. They were extremely long-lived. In fact, they believed they were immortal. Then an unexpected murder occurred, and in a rush for self-protection, something new was created: men who looked human but weren’t. They were shapeshifters, lethal and effective, with human emotions and immortal capabilities.

They were called warriors, and the most powerful were the enforcers.

The human populations thought them creatures of myth, and like most myths there was a tragic element. Some warriors fell in love with human girls and they became more human. They questioned, thought about right and wrong, began to challenge the six ruling
immortals known as the Calata.

Conflict erupted, as conflict usually does, and as part of an Agreement to prevent war, these immortal warriors asked for their human lovers to be made immortal. Since the magic was beyond the abilities of the alchemists, reincarnation was offered as a solution. The natural process could be manipulated. Ancient magic would allow the lovers to reunite in each recurring human lifetime-now known in human populations as “past lives.”

It hasn’t worked out as expected.



This is a great series! As with all series, there are similarities within each book. However, each book is different enough that they kept my total interest. Now that I’ve read all 5 of them, I don’t know what to do with my reading. Nothing seems to satisfy me cuz I want more enforcers and Calata. This was a really great book for the ending of the series cuz it had a twist to it that was different. I’m totally in love with these characters, and if you like romance and paranormal that doesn’t include vampires, you’ll love this series too. I suggest that you read them in order.


This was a interesting series with a original story line, that I’ve never read before.
(And i read a lot) I truly did enjoy each of the characters, for having so many, they each stood out vividly.
A good series to pass the time for sure.

Christan and Lexi’s trilogy.

The Darkness in Dreams

The Fire in Vengeance

The Danger in Justice

Arsen, Baz, and Darius stand-alone stories

The Tears in Midnight

The Memories in Moonlight

The Smoke in Shadows



The concept is for stand-alone stories, connected through the titles and locations. “Risk… with me.” And next up is “Scandal… with me.”

Okay, so maybe I’m the only one who gets excited about that. But it makes my title list endless. I’m using the Oregon coast as a common location for now, but I see that expanding to Washington and northern California.

The themes will likely be enemies-to-lovers in some form, definitely-not-falling-in-love, sweet, sensual banter, second chances and fake romances. People are not always who they appear to be.

The books can be read in any order.


A sexy, funny enemies-to-lovers romance with a twist. Because some risks are worth taking…

I read a lot of books but sometimes one just grabs you and holds on. This is one of those great stories. One you want to read again. Loved it.~ Amazon Review

This was my first book by this author and it had all the things I love in a story, HUMOR is a must then intrigue keeps me guessing. Your going to love Eddie for sure and I highly recommend this book. 💕 ~Amazon Review

The story has several story lines that all tie into one. I fell in love with all the characters and love the happy ending!!!!! ~ Amazon Review



Release Date JANUARY 29, 2021

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Sue Wilder is one of my new favorite authors, her characters are compelling and I fall right into each story. Scandal twists and turns from start to finish and it is a wild ride. You’re not sure what is going to happen and I read in one sitting as it was so fascinating. I highly recommend and look forward to her next book!

I would like to thank the author and publisher for my arc copy in exchange for my honest review. This was an amazing book that I could not put down. You found yourself falling in love with both the girl and the guy. This book made you laugh and cry. I loved the sexual tension between the two main characters. I would highly recommend this book.


Sue Wilder writes contemporary and paranormal romances “worth the read.” ~Kirkus Reviews for “The Tears in Midnight.” She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a yellow lab puppy who chews on her chair. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, and is known to enjoy good wine while listening to old sappy jazz, and watching sunsets when the weather is warm.

My pergola, where I often sit with a glass of wine, my notebook and think about the next complication in the plot.




“…a solid romance. Indeed, the second-chance-at-love plotline alone makes the book worth a read, mainly for the author’s clear, emotional prose (“Arsen was tangling his fingers in her hair and she was breathing in, holding the warmth close, locking the scent of his skin deep in her lungs”).

A sturdy entry in a fantasy series about unbreakable bonds. ~ Kirkus Reviews

Read the entire review here.


I love this kind of fantasy story. Written well so you think maybe this could be real, but you know it isn’t. Had me thinking about who is really in control of my life. I recommend this book to fantasy buffs.

Good characters. Good detail. Liked the setting. Very descriptive. Can’t wait to read the next installment. Very emotional. Liked that it wasn’t a cliff hanger.

This novel was phenomenal. I won a copy in a giveaway, and I couldn’t be happier. With realistic fun characters, a unique and interesting plot full of suspense, action, surprises, twists, and turns, and a vivid, fluid writing style, I felt like I was right there with the characters experiencing everything right along with them. This novel has all the makings of a perfect paranormal romance novel and is a must read!!!


I liked this story from the first page. By the second chapter I was hoping there was a book 2 because one wouldn’t be enough. I read for hours deep into the night two nights in a row. Such a deep love story that I felt it in my gut, and the love scenes were palpable. Moving on to book 2 now.

This book is very well done. The characters in writing were nearly perfect. The excitement and suspense we’re wonderful. I can’t think of anything bad to say about this book, except that I finished it!

Thoroughly enjoyed this book although I’ll admit at times it was difficult to follow. I will continue the story though.



Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Wilder posits an interesting correlation between the immortal enforcers and their human mates who are reborn with their memories buried deeply within their consciousness… the story is fast-paced, and her shifter-enforcers are grand fun to watch. THE DARKNESS IN DREAMS is highly recommended. FIVE STARS. ~ Readers’ Favorite


Reviewed by K. J.Simmill for Readers’ Favorite

…not only a paranormal romance, but a gripping tale of past lives, looming threats, sinister happenings, manipulation, danger, regret, and increasing stakes. it is hard not to be drawn to the characters, and harder still to put the book down.  FIVE STARS. ~ Readers’ Favorite


Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

Honestly, I loved everything about this book… the plot is complex and weaves throughout human history. The locations and setting can be exotic and are described very well. The writing is great and moves the plot along at a crisp pace. But it is the characters that really make this story great in my opinion. FIVE STARS ~ Readers’ Favorite