Life always finds endings.

Mine started in Paris. Actually, fourteen years before Paris, when I decided I’d be a famous chef one day, barefoot, slinging food around, with men at my feet. I made that dream come true. But at what cost?

Gabriel Hunter was and is a heartthrob, a brilliant chef, and my mentor. A man whose life was the opposite of mine, and the two of us—we’d collided at an intersection in Paris, one that offered no future. But despite that knowledge, I let him burrow deep beneath my skin, where I knew I’d never pry him out.

Because I also knew all our best moments were those moments.

Now he’s back. Moving in next door. Bringing along the daughter I never expected, his twelve-year-old niece, determined to play matchmaker.

He’s fighting a man war.

Even though—if he wins—he’ll also break my heart.

Because nothing has changed.

And life.

Always finds endings.

EX ME has the small-town vibes you love in the middle of a city. It features a gorgeously swoon-worthy hero, the woman determined to resist his charms, their dreams, and the second-chance shenanigans wrapped up in a man war leading to the happy ending. A standalone title!

Cover reveal and release date coming soon.

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