Finding Ideas

I’ve been asked often — where do you find your ideas?

Well, I’m not really sure, they sort form out of the magic ether…

Okay, it was a serious question and it deserves a somewhat serious answer.  I don’t always know where the ideas come from, other than some arrive pretty confident about who they are and others are shy and want to be coaxed out into the light.  I can tell you the idea for the Warrior Series came to me when I was asked to lunch with a friend.  She wanted me to meet the new man in her life.  He was tall, very nice to look at and had a personality that drew people, it was so warm and genuine.

There was only one unsettling aspect about him.  When I reached out to hug him — I’m a hugger, everyone I meet gets a hug, it’s something genetic, I can’t help it — but when I hugged  him, I literally saw him.  It was startling.  I had an intense image of standing high on a cliff, overlooking a pebbled beach.  Wooden ships were at anchor in the bay, with white square sails.  Men were moving about.  I knew immediately it was in ancient Greece, and there he was — this man I was meeting on behalf of my friend — standing on the quay, looking up at me.  Saying goodbye.

It was difficult to sit through lunch after that.

As simple as one lunch, one random meeting. And story comes into being.  That moment was the genesis of the Warrior Series — with the names changed to protect the oblivious.  What if a woman shared several past lives with the same man?  Those lives couldn’t be easy,  but they could be magical.  And figuring out what that magic would be is beginning of a story that — well it is a romance — does have a happy ending.

Oh, but they really have to work for it.


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