Binge Reading – Historical Romance

I have a current favorite series in Historical Romance by author Kathryn LeVeque 

I love good books in a series, and this author is very prolific.  Her stories can be a bit repetitive after you’ve read twenty books – which I have since January (actually I’m on book 24). However – they have a good sense of action and intrigue, humor and tragedy, and after years of reading about Scottish lairds and dashing warriors, these massive English knights are very entertaining. I am also getting insight into English history and all those wicked kings and queens.

I am currently reading Spectre of the Sword which was written in 2014.

Five Stars for entertainment value, emotion and ease of reading ( most books take two to three nights with a glass of wine and chocolate)

Four stars for some issues that are hit and miss. She organizes by dynasty, but at times the chronological order gets confusing.

Recommendation: Try them.  If they’ve kept me entertained through 24 books, there’s a reason.


Daniel Silva – Gabriel Allon Series

Donna Grant – Dark Kings Series, plus spin-offs

Nalini Singe – Guild Hunter Series, Psy/changeling Series

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