Because there’s a danger in justice that can destroy them all…


I’m happy to announce the upcoming release of The Danger in Justice.

Described as “enthralling” and “a gripping tale of past lives,” the final story in Sue Wilder’s paranormal trilogy about Christan and Lexi comes out in August.

Christan was the origin myth for the most feared creature in the ancient world, an enforcer and shapeshifter to whom all others were compared, living in a world of violence… until he bonded to a mortal woman to save her life. He has loved—and lost her—for centuries. Now that bond has invited an evil into the world, a dangerous power that returns to the immortal world whenever chaos threatens. If Christan becomes Vengeance, Lexi—as Justice—will be at his side.

Lexi has realized more than the immortal world is at risk. The man she loves is willing to sacrifice his life to save hers—unless she can solve an ancient murder and defeat those who want to destroy Christan. But the dangers are greater than even she imagined.

An ancient atrocity is recreated and Lexi must make the most devastating choice in her life. Not only must she defeat the enemies who want to destroy all the immortal enforcers, she must hold tight to her love for Christan, no matter the cost, since neither of them can run from the ancient magic that has been unleashed.

Because there’s a danger in justice that can destroy them all…

The Enforcer’s Legacy series does not end with Christan and Lexi’s epic love story. It continues in The Tears in Midnight, featuring Arsen and Katerina. The Memory in Moonlight will tell Baz’s story. 

Because the enemy still lives…

The Danger in Justice - 3D (002)

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