What do you believe…

The Danger in Justice is the third book in the Enforcers’ Legacy Series and releases August 10th–but you can preorder now by clicking here. Or you can order the entire series if you like. And with Kindle Unlimited, you can read for FREE.

Here is an excerpt:

“What do you believe?”

Christan allowed images of Lexi to drift through his mind, of her leaning over him, the touch of her hands against his skin. The heat of desert sunshine and the sticky scent of oranges. He believed in her. But there was something else he’d believed in before she made him more human. He believed in the ice, uncoiling in his veins. In the cold wind before the warm rush. In the ancient compulsion bleeding out, the vengeance that rose up with such hot seduction Christan felt like he was betraying her.

“I believe in killing my enemies,” he said, looking back at Leander.

And a few recent reviews from Goodreads:

Loved it! Plain and simple! 😍😍

That last page… I AM SCREAMING! YESSS

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