The Memories in Moonlight

The fifth book in the Enforcer’s Legacy series, THE MEMORIES IN MOONLIGHT,  will be releasing soon.

This is the love story between the silent, brooding enforcer, Baz, and the talented, young artist, Jaz McLean, who finds an otherworldly energy pushing its way into her art!

Jaz McLean has lived her life in six-month segments: six months in Corsica, six months in London, six months in the Pacific Northwest. An enemy has been stalking her since Florence, where he destroyed her bronze sculptures and threw red paint into her face… where he killed her friend.

Now Jaz has found peace in an old house, hidden in a vineyard with the Columbia River at her back, and an old man who asks her what she wants. And what she wants is to discover the face that remains hidden in her Faceless Man series—the energy that has pushed through, made itself known in the newest sculpture…


Baz is a powerful enforcer belonging to the immortal Calata member known as Two. For centuries, he’s been devoted to Two, never bonding to anyone else, and certainly not to a human girl. But when he’s sent to find Jaz McLean, use her as bait to trap a warrior on the verge of a dangerous rage, he sees something in her sculpture that tears open the memories, reignites the pain. He can’t deny the message…

Surrender the fear.

When he convinces Jaz he’s there to protect her, she begins to confide in him, and they discover the powerful connection—between the sculpture and a guilt Baz has never set down—a past that could involve Jaz. She’s the girl with memory lines on her right hand. Memories of past lives she’s lived and can’t remember—proof she was bound to a warrior centuries ago, through an immortal Agreement.

But that man can’t be Baz.

Baz knows it can’t be him, but she makes him feel, pulls him into another life where he becomes whole—where he can never stay. He’s immortal. She’s the human girl with memory lines on her hand and bonded to another immortal man—the man stalking her.

When the threat expands to involve the Calata, Jaz refuses to run. And she doesn’t want Baz’s protection. He’s obligated to his mission—finding the rogue warrior and eliminating him. Anything else and the Calata will sanction him. But they’ll do far worse to Jaz.

One of them has to be strong enough to make the choice.

It’s an act of love that tears their relationship apart. Only the new sculpture that emerges can pull them back together. But will the message be enough? Or will they both forget…

The memories in moonlight.

Now is the perfect time to catch up with the other books in this series!

Loved it! Plain and simple…I love this kind of fantasy story…written well so you think maybe this could be real…A really great series…Gripping past lives… increasing stakes…hard not to be drawn to the characters, and harder still to put the book down…Sue Wilder’s book is full of possibilities, action, internecine warfare, and fun. I loved it!…spell binding love story filled with quirky, yet powerful characters.

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