“Promise me,” Baz said, but it was…

Do you Have a favorite quote? This is one of my favorites, from The Memories in Moonlight.

Tears were on her cheeks now. The road was a black ribbon and she drove one-handed because the fingers of her right hand twisted in the neckline of her shirt, and she hadn’t noticed. The white lines in the road kept flashing, reminding her of the way time passed—and she hadn’t noticed that, either. Time, passing. But she knew she lived her life in six-month segments for a reason, because she refused to set down roots. And yet, she’d settled in this place, this house, with the vineyard and Harry and her dog.

With Baz.

“Promise me,” Baz said, but it was a promise she couldn’t keep, and one of them had to be strong enough to see it.

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