Happy Holidays

I am so grateful for You! Wishing you an amazing and abundant holiday season. You are appreciated for your support, you good wishes and encouragement. I am so thrilled that I can share this journey with you.

The Smoke in Shadows is still a work in progress. This is Darius’s story, and my goal is to have this book ready for you in the first quarter of 2020.

The deadline moved out by a month, so I took down the cover reveal and will post it again when we are closer to the finish line. It seems that my puppy Max has some strong ideas about playtime. She’s a lab. Yeah, high energy and I can’t tell you how many blankets she has chewed up! But she does sleep beneath the desk, which allows me a few hours of writing between ball throwing.

Let’s not even talk about the back yard or the mud path she’s worn through what used to be grass.


From my heart to yours,

Sue Wilder

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