Cover Reveal for RISK

I am so excited!

Risk is releasing August 31, 2020

And I love this cover. It captures the mood of my new sexy, funny contemporary romance–RISK, because some risks are worth taking.

Prebook your copy of Risk today.

Awkward is having a drop-dead gorgeous man charge into your bedroom just as you get out of the shower. With a deputy sheriff with him, who is convinced you’re an intruder.
Even worse?
He had every right to do it. Even though the house is yours–oh, and he’s your neighbor and catches you in every other embarrassing moment until you’re convinced the Universe is against you and this new life you have to start.
And did I mention that he’s drop-dead gorgeous?
And exactly what you do. Not. Need.
But the heart makes its own rules and a girl has a choice.
If he’s worth the risk.


Talk about a cluster.
She invades a house she claims is hers, while I’m responsible, so, of course, I have to rush in.
And she’s standing.
With that towel.
Doesn’t stop there. Just when I’m pulled in other directions, trying to keep my uncle from driving the company into another version of cluster, this girl disrupts. Everything.
It’s not enough that she’s beautiful.
That she belongs here more than any woman I’ve ever known.
She has to disrupt the privacy in my cove.
The routine of my life.
When I need to focus and stop thinking about what she looks like.

Risk is book one in my contemporary series With You. Each book will be a stand-alone, but Risk is special to my heart–I love the heart and humor in this story. The heat and slow burn. Caleb and Lis are two people who desperately need to find each other… if they’d just open their eyes. Because there’s a difference between living with your eyes open and with them closed.

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