Reviews for SCANDAL

I wanted to share this review from Goodreads:

Scandal – Sue Wilder – I won a copy of this book from Goodreads, so I read the first book in the series first thinking it would be in the same character pool. It wasn’t, so you can totally read this as a standalone. But boy did this one try and sucker punch me in the tear ducts!! I was more prepared for emotional turmoil after reading the first book, but it still felt like a woah as everything slowly trickled to the surface. Thought I had this one figured out, but there is one wicked curve ball in there! Happy Reading!

I love this! Thank you so much, J. W.

I also received an email through my website contacts from a reader in Europe:

I’ve just finished reading your latest book. Well done! Finally something refreshing after tons of boring and predictable books I’ve tried to read and never finished (I refer to other authors` book). I’ve read your “latest pearl” in two afternoons. Thanks. Wish you a very creative writing year.

And a few recommendations through BookBub:

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Sue Wilder is one of my new favorite authors, her characters are compelling and I fall right into each story. Scandal twists and turns from start to finish and it is a wild ride. You’re not sure what is going to happen and I read in one sitting as it was so fascinating. I highly recommend and look forward to her next book! … MC

I would like to thank the author and publisher for my arc copy in exchange for my honest review. This was an amazing book that I could not put down. You found yourself falling in love with both the girl and the guy. This book made you laugh and cry. I loved the sexual tension between the two main characters. I would highly recommend this book. … TD

I appreciate everyone who reads my books! Thank you for keeping me going with the next story!

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