“There was always a darkness in the dreams…we planned it that way.”

“There was always a darkness in the dreams…we planned it that way.”

~~A quote attributed to Three, the powerful Calata member, never verified

Three is an interesting character.  She is an immortal, a powerful member of the ruling Calata, and she plays a major role in my Calata-Immortal Warrior series.  Her history is filled with secrets and intrigue.  Her enemies are many, but we discover that on the Calata there are two members who are actively plotting against her, and who foolishly believe they will win.

Here is an introduction to Three, from The Darkness in Dreams, due to be released in early 2018.

“You can see the risk,” Phillipe said as he settled into the chair, upholstered in a cream linen with cushions too stiff to be comfortable. “The dreams are your weakest link.”

The woman did not rise to the bait, but then she rarely responded to provocations and wouldn’t do so now. Phillipe would forgive her mood. He knew her many intrigues, had participated in most, and if he kept her secrets it wasn’t because he was shy. She readjusted the lamp until it was exact and Phillipe forgave that mood, too, because he settled in for the wait.

The woman glanced up before she opened the file. Her expression was impassive, her posture so regal an observer might have judged her as precise. But those who knew her would never have dared. One did not make judgements, and certainly not about this woman.  Few had the power she was known to possess and quite quick to use—and no one asked about the power that was unknown.

What was known had been crafted over centuries. Her voice, when she spoke, carried an accent that could have been French, or Italian, or even Russian. She was tall and slender and considered beautiful by some–but she wasn’t human. Her hair was too blond to be natural, her eyes too silver to be ignored, and for these reasons she’d been Ais to the Etruscans, Theos in ancient Greece. Rome once called her one of the Ten Great Gods, but they were mistaken—she was not a god. She was part of an immortal race that stumbled onto this planet eons ago, one of the ruling Calata, which meant the invasion, named by an early culture that had no other way to describe them.

The name stuck, as did the meaning. Throughout their long existence only seven immortals had been strong enough to rule as Calata. Now there were six. Their names were in the ancient form with no equivalent in the human language. For expediency’s sake, they used numbers. The woman was known as Three. Her enemy was Six.

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