The Girl on the Beach

Three focused on the photographs. Her attention sharpened on the image of a girl, mid-twenties and slender, walking on a rocky beach. Blond hair lifted in the breeze while behind her raged a stormy sea. The girl had turned toward the camera as if someone called her name. The tension in her expression was startling.

“Who is she?”

“Galaxy North. Lives on the Oregon Coast, in a little town called Rock Cove, and she’s dealing with night terrors. The woman in the next photograph is Marge Wilson. She’s Lexi’s therapist, with memory lines of her own.”

The girl on the beach… who looks like Gemma, the girl she was in a disastrous past life…

Three had no way to answer. Sometimes there were tragedies that never should have happened but did. In her mind, Three could still see the girl with sunlight in her hair, turning her back on an Enforcer already crushed by pain. In her long life there was little Three forgot, but there was nothing she remembered with more acuity than the exact instant when Christan left the world. When the sun dropped from the sky as if it would never return. When the cypress trees—mourning trees—lived up to their name before the darkness devoured them.

The Darkness in Dreams is book one in the Calata/Immortal Warriors Series, and action-filled paranormal romance from author Sue Wilder, due out this Spring.

The Darkness in Dreams - Banner-1

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