A peek at my desk…

my desk…

This is a peek at my desk. I’m starting a new book, so this looks like chaos. But there’s order here. The pen is my Lucky Pen. The Lucky Sticky Notes are the inspirations that come when I’d busy doing something else, and the Lucky Journals are made by Exceed. They have a soft leather-like cover and a pocket in the back where I store the notes, once I’ve used the ideas. I like the ribbon bookmarks, but I usually have tons of sticky flags marking sections relating to plot.

When I started writing, I used yellow legal pads, but that got too confusing. I found these books at Walmart, and I could buy different colors back then, which I liked. Different color for different book title. Easy to find the one I wanted. I used the white cover for general writing notes, but now they only come in black… so I may have to find a new Lucky Journal brand. Always a risk. Just like changing pens once you find your lucky pen.

I listen to Lucky Music, through headphones when family is home. And you can’t see the Lucky Cup of coffee, but trust me, it’s there.

So there it is. A little nuts, right? But I figured that, if Steven Pressfield could talk about his Lucky Stuff, I could admit my superstitions, too…

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