New Work in Progress

Update on my WIP:

I posted a photo earlier of my desk with an open notebook. Those notes were for the book I’m writing now – a new, three-book series. Contemporary romance, a ton of sexy humor, featuring strong, independent women in their mid-twenties and off-the-chart hot, unconventional billionaires in their early thirties.

The book has a title and a killer cover. I’ve shared (on Facebook) how I bought a premade cover for a PNR book I haven’t written yet – I love this designer’s work to the point where her covers inspire me in new directions.

She captures the emotion I write about, so… I bought a second premade cover, thinking it would go with this new book. We tried, worked with the title and design, but then I agreed with her that the cover was more toward dark mafia. (Now I have another great cover for another book I need to write) I ended up hiring her to design a new cover with this series in mind, and – OMG – I couldn’t love it more.

Keep checking in. The WIP is at the 60-70% mark, longer than I usually write, and may end up in the 90,000-word count. (FYI-most of my books are in the mid-80,000). The plot blends a few of my favorite tropes: a second chance, falling for best friend’s older brother, enemies to lovers (my enemies are not the blood-feud type, although I may have to write one for the Mafia book cover.)

My two antagonists go to great lengths to settle an old feud before they realize maybe there’s more to their antagonism than they thought. Which – of course – creates a new set of problems.

So… enough teaser for now. As always, I’m grateful for your support and all the small blessings that come as a result of my books.

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